Hey Everyone! My name is Kirsten Elizabeth and I am a consultant / lifestyle blogger behind Diary of a Dirty Blonde.

Diary of a Dirty Blonde is primarily a travel and fashion blog. I am not blessed with unlimited funds (unfortunately) so everything I do consists of how you can as I like to call it “ball on a budget”.

My Mission: My mission with diary of a dirty blonde is to document my favorite things in a way that will inspire YOU to live your best life. My content will focus on a variety of different things, but my hope is that as you read through it you can inspire my future posts.

Few random facts about Kirsten:

I am the youngest of 2 kids (I’ve got 1 older sister). I’m extremely close to my family and would consider my parents and my older sister my best friends.

I love to travel (which I can thank my parents for) and am fortunate to have been able to go to a ton of amazing places for both work and pleasure. The only thing I hate about traveling is packing. There is literally nothing worse than the anxiety I get about forgetting something.

I’m not a huge sports fan. I have tried coutnless times to get into sports, but I just can’t.

I am a marketers dream. I’m a huge sucker for a good sale and talk myself into buying a lot of things because it’s a “good deal”. My favorite statement is “Price per Wear”. This is basically how I justify buying anything expensive for myself.

Anything else you want to know? Just ask!