Happy Saturday everyone! Today I am talking about a magic place called Amsterdam. I have been to Amsterdam twice now, once in 2011 (for school) and once in 2014 (for work) and I hope to return again at some point in my life. It is the perfect city to stroll around and depending on where you stay you can walk most places (or bike if you are brave). Each area in the city has its own unique charm and no matter what you are interested in, there is something in Amsterdam for you. If you take a trip here make sure to pick up some stroopwaffles (caramel filled cookies…which become even more delicious when warmed over a hot cup of coffee) and cheese to bring home, you won’t regret it.


Dam Square



Things to do:

I AMSTERDAM letters:


Ajax Soccer Game:

Ajax vs. Paris Saint Germain

Ajax is the professional soccer team in Amsterdam. The stadium is easy to get to by train and the tickets weren’t crazy expensive so if there is a game while you are there it’s worth going.

Canal Cruise:


NEMO museum of Science
Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge)


I highly recommend going on a canal cruise. I did the basic city cruise both times I went and really enjoyed it. I would have done the pizza cruise if I had time (who wouldn’t want to eat pizza on a boat cruising through the canals of Amsterdam?) If you get a chance, let me know how it is!

Anne Frank Museum:


The Anne Frank house was a humbling experience. Standing in the actual room where Anne and her family hid for all of those years during WWII is a feeling I can’t describe. Highly recommend going if you are in Amsterdam.

Heineken Brewery Tour:


The Heineken Brewery tour is fun and interactive. During the tour you learn how the beer is made, the ingredients in beer, how to drink the beer (apparently there is a wrong way), and how to pour a perfect pint.

Red Light District:


It’s an experience to walk around here.. that’s all I can say



The Night Watch by Rembrandt
Cuypers Library

Van Gogh Museum:

You are not allowed to take pictures at the Van Gogh Museum but you can see paintings such as “The Bedroom”, “Sunflowers” and “The Potato Eaters”. If you like art, they have a great collection.

Where to Stay:


  • Flying Pig Hostel – I didn’t stay here but I had a lot of friends who did and loved it. The hostel I stayed at was disgusting (I can’t even remember the name), so ask for recommendations before booking a hostel here.


Places to Eat & Drink:



Awesome restaurant!

Julias Pasta


Julias is located inside the central train station. Delicious pasta and take away wine when you’re wanting a quick lunch or dinner.

Wynand Fockink:

Liquor distillery located down a side street off dam square. This was recommended to me by a co-worker. Beware they are only open until 9pm. I tried to go for a drink after dinner one night and it was closed.

Crepe Bar:


YUMM! Strawberry, Banana, Nutella heaven.

Last tip: A lot of the credit card machines in Amsterdam require you to enter a pin number. Before you travel I would call your bank to see if your credit card is compatible with the European pin numbers. If it’s not (my Visa wasn’t), I would take out cash (euros) when  you arrive unless your debit card doesn’t incur international fees. 





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