Happy Monday everyone! Seeing as it is now September (where did this year go?), I thought it would be fitting to do a recap on Oktoberfest which is starting in a few weeks. When I found out I was going to be in Germany at the end of last year I knew I had to take a trip down to Munich for Oktoberfest. I had been to the festival once before when I was studying abroad and had an amazing time. What’s not to love about people from all over the world gathered to drinks steins, ride carnival rides and have a good time.


If you go to Oktoberfest you should definitely buy a traditional German dirndl. The first time I went I didn’t buy one and felt extremely left out (literally everyone is wearing them!).

I recommend buying your outfit once you get to Germany because you will have a lot of options and trying on different dirndl’s is part of the fun! Almost all department stores in Germany start selling these outfits around the end of August. Trust me, you will have no issue fiding one you love. If you won’t get to Germany with enough time to go shopping you can also order one online.

Beware that a nice dirndl will cost you a pretty penny. Most of the ones I tried on were around 200 euro for the dirndl and the shirt to go under it (I bought mine at Kaufhof department store).


Where to Stay

I stayed at the Hilton Munich Park hotel. It was a gorgeous hotel and the rooms were nice and spacious. The hotel is located next to the English Gardens and is close to public transit which made it easy to get to and from Oktoberfest. It’s a great place to stay if you don’t want to be in the middle of the action when you’re trying to get some sleep.

The Main Event

Before heading to the festival, make sure you have plenty of cash.  You won’t want to deal with using credit cards and if I remember right most  beer tents require cash.

When you get to Oktoberfest I recommend going to a tent early and staying there for the day. Once it starts to get busy you will end up waiting in lines for at least a few hours. Something interesting is that they do not let people into the tents based on where they are in line. The waitresses choose who they want to be let in for their tables (probably based on who looks like they will spend the most money).

Both times I went I ended up at the Hofbräuhaus tent and had a great time! I have also heard great things about the Augustiner tent (let me know how it is if you go).

Besides the beer tents there are also a ton of fun carnival rides and food tents. No matter what you do you will definitely have a good time! I hope to return again some day for round three!

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